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New Factsheets for 2016 

Through funding from the South Australian Grain Industry Trust (SAGIT) Fund, as part of project SPAA115, we are thrilled to launch our new factsheets:

Factsheet 1 Airborne Imagery: Download your copy of "Airborne Imagery" here. 

The factsheet examines how airborne imagery is being used in agriculture.  It looks at:

The Factsheet asks a series of key questions to help you determine what you need to know before you start; requirements for the platforms, the image format, timeliness of images and the data provided, in order to optimise your use of this information.

The factsheet features a case study from Century Orchard’s Almond plantation in Loxton, SA. This covers what type of images they are using, what new information they get from these and how they are profitably using airborne imagery.


Factsheet 2 Weed Sensing: Download your copy of "Weed Sensing" here. 

The factsheet explains and examines the benefits and limitations of the different technologies for:

 It also briefly highlights emerging technologies for incrop sensing and spraying such as the H-sensor.

 The factsheet features a case study of Bulla Burra from the northern South Australian mallee and their case for an OST sprayer.

Factsheet 3: Proximal Soil Sensing.

Factsheet 4: Nitrogen Sensing

Factsheet 5: Understanding Maps


Precision Viticulture factsheets released

Download your "Precision Viticulture for Improved Soil Water Management" and " Vineyard Sensing Demonstration - Individual Point Data Collection" Demo here. PV Factsheet 2016 PV Demo 2016 

The factsheets includes why PV should be considered, how to get started, what to measure and definition of common PV tools used in viticulture. The demo showcases the results of a simple trial that demonstrates uses the NDVI index to identify ’High Vigour’ vines which are considered to display resilience in the case of a dry season or heatwave conditions.

Produced with thanks Natural Resources South East through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme, SPAA and Wingara Wine Group – Katnook Estate.

Download your "Getting started in Precision Viticulture" factsheet here. SPAA Factsheets PV factsheet 2013 (283.6 KB)

Produced with thanks to the Federal Government Community Landcare Grants program and the growers from the Grampians and Yarra Valley Wine regions.


CTF factsheet released

Download a fanatstic guide to Controlled Traffic Farming. This factsheet include tips to getting started and many case studies.

Click here for your copy.

Some Benefits of CTF

• Fewer tracks = less soil compaction

• Less soil compaction = more water infiltration and air spaces

• Improved soil moisture = improved crop yield and resilience to dry seasons

• More air spaces = an improved environment for root growth and soil biology

Steps to getting started

1. Metric or imperial?

2. Choose your configuration

This fact sheet was supported by SPAA Precision Agriculture Australia through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program as part of project CGL1206062-703 - Innovative and Sustainable Capabilities Using Control Traffic Farming.

*All SPAA members will receive a hardcopy of this factsheet in the mail.

SPAA CTF factsheet SPAA CTF factsheet (636.85 KB)

SPAA Factsheets Factsheet Soil Sensing (2.93 MB)

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