SAGIT Funding brings South Australian Precision Ag leaders to Tassie Conference


SPAA was fortunate to gain SAGIT funding, which allowed us to bring Joe Cook, from Keith in South Australia to the stage at our 2019 Symposium in Launceston.

Joe’s chosen topic is ‘soil moisture monitoring and prescription irrigation for growing Lucerne in sandy soils’. Joe and his family run a business with irrigated and dryland Lucerne as the main pillar, including 300ha of seed production, which is around 50 per cent of the business. They also grow about 400ha of wheat, barley, lentils, canola and oaten hay and run 1450 Merino ewes joined to Poll Dorset rams to produce crossbred lambs.

The farm sits in a 450mm rainfall zone with soil that is generally sandy over a limestone and clay base.

Joe manages a multi-faceted business and therefore chooses to use a consulting company to help him manage his water and soil moisture ag tech and data. Joe will be giving us a firsthand look at why PA works for him, and why he chooses to outsource some of the work.

We thank the South Australian Grains Industry Trust for making it possible to allow Joe to speak about his experience in Tasmania.

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