Proximal Soil Sensing Factsheet

This factsheet has been produced through funding from the South Australian Grain Industry Trust (SAGIT) Fund, as part of project SPAA115.

This fact sheet:

– Compares conventional, laboratory and proximal soil tests

– Reviews the mode of inference used by various proximal soil sensing (PSS) devices and

– Outlines the sorts of information that PSS devices can collect.

 It also summarises the Soil Condition ANalysis System (SCANS) developed by CSIRO to integrate PSS information into the decision making process.

 The factsheet features a case study of father-son farmers Don and Russell Zwar, who run a winter cropping enterprise in the Flinders Ranges, SA. They use an “on-the-go” pH sensor machine to assess and map soil pH with the data then being used for area specific lime spreading.

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