Hands On Precision Agriculture Training

This national investment will provide introductory precision agriculture training that will impart technology skills to growers in a ‘hands-on’ manner. The information provided will be specific to and driven by issues raised by growers in each region through an initial scoping phase. Specific to these issues, it will showcase mobile device integration technologies and low cost, simple PA methods already in use by growers and advisers. Various mapping-based apps that may assist in simplifying the transition to applied decision making utilising spatial information, including a discussion on the opportunity for VRT integration into farm-management systems.

The purpose of this investment is to provide grains growers with introductory precision agriculture training, to enable them to make use of PA equipment and data to respond to key farm management or resource input decisions, to improve the speed and accuracy of decision making, reduce production costs and increase farm profitability.

This national project has been developed and delivered by a consortium of leading groups with significant expertise in the application of PA in an Australian context and the development and delivery of training and extension programs targeted at growers and advisors. The project will be led by the Society for Precision Agriculture Australia (SPAA) with support from Birchip Cropping Group, FarmLink, Pinion Advisory (formerly Rural Directions) and the Grower Group Alliance (GGA). The design, delivery and evaluation services will be provided by Coutts J&A, one of Australia’s leading agricultural research and evaluation organisations. Specialist, technical support will be provided by a range of sub-contracted organisations on a regional, as-needs basis.

Project Objectives

The project aims to deliver to growers, through a combination of hands-on PA training, digital training and extension and a variety of communication products, the following:

  • A SPAA/GRDC branded technical publication, developed by the project consortium and published by the GRDC. This will also be extended to participants through the training sessions
  • 27 five-hour hands-on training sessions, 9 per region, (Output 3) delivered by March 2021 with follow up programs (Output 4) delivered by April 2022.
  • A series of on-line materials and training resources made available to training participants and growers across the country
  • A series of case studies developed to highlight grower adoption of PA technologies and the financial and agronomic benefits that can be gained – can also be published in PAN magazine
  • Support to begin developing PA adoption plans and advice on working with agronomists and PA consultants.
  • A range of communication and extension products including social media, website updates, newsletter inclusions, and workshop flyers.

workshop dates can be found https://spaa.com.au/events/hands-on-precision-ag-training/

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