Factsheet 1: Airborne Imagery

Through funding from the South Australian Grain Industry Trust (SAGIT) Fund, as part of project SPAA115, we are thrilled to launch this new factsheet

The factsheet examines how airborne imagery is being used in agriculture.  It looks at:

– The platforms used to obtain images

– The various and diverse types of images and how they are obtained and,

– The benefits and limitations of the various images.

The Factsheet asks a series of key questions to help you determine what you need to know before you start; requirements for the platforms, the image format, timeliness of images and the data provided, in order to optimise your use of this information.

The factsheet features a case study from Century Orchard’s Almond plantation in Loxton, SA. This covers what type of images they are using, what new information they get from these and how they are profitably using airborne imagery.

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