Agricultural practice change with PA early adopters.

The agricultural sector sees SPAA as a trusted source of PA information, and the production of case studies leads to new knowledge, on-going support and highlights the importance of these tools as part of their business and continues to create a network for farmers and the private sector to work together and share knowledge. Popularity demonstrated a need to learn about PA tools and technologies through shared experiences. SPAA revisited ten pioneers who shaped the organisation through technology implementation to update grain growers on how PA continues (or not) play a role in their farming success.

The key features of each case studies were the tried and tested experiences, where SPAA profiled successful adoptors of the “said” innovations. Each case studies included top tips and advise, how they overcame challenges and common issues and what drives them to continue in their PA journeies.

The booklet features ten case studies across a range of topics, of innovations where farmers felt the information was too over-whelming or possibly not easy to attain.

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