Factsheet on UAVs

The agricultural sector sees SPAA as a trusted source of PA information, and the production of factsheets led to new knowledge, on-going support and highlights the importance of these tools as part of their business and continues to create a network for farmers and the private sector to work together and share knowledge.With thanks to SAGIT, the project produced a total of six factsheets and one poster across a range of topics, of innovations where farmers felt the information was too over-whelming or possibly not easy to attain. The factsheets were a snapshot of tools currently on the market of which adoption is in part low or interest is high.

The key features of the factsheets were the tried and tested experiences, where SPAA profiled successful adopters of the “said” innovations. These case studies included some tips and advise, how they overcame challenges and common issues.

Our final factsheet on UAVs in agriculture in now available. Download your copy here

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