Conversations with Farmers – Revisiting PA pioneers ten years on – Book launch

Supported by funding from the South Australian Grains Industry Trust (SAGIT), SPAA (the) Society of Precision Agriculture Australia brings an exciting and innovative way to educate farmers on PA technologies. Our book was launched yesterday (Wednesday 23rd September) at the annual SAGIT researcher forum in Adelaide.

Dr Nicole Dimos, SPAA Executive Officer, said “Conversations with Farmers” was an idea based on feedback that growers like to learn what other growers are doing”. “Popularity demonstrated a need to learn about PA tools and technologies through shared experiences. SPAA revisited ten pioneers who shaped the organisation through technology implementation to update SA grain growers and SPAA members and all grain producers on how PA continues (or not) play a role in their farming success.

Attending the book launch was Mr Mark Branson, of Branson farms in Stockport SA, a farmer featured in an original SPAA publication 10 year ago. He said “It’s great to be recognised as an industry leader with my PA journey”. Whilst he admits he farms in a proactive, sustainable and environmentally integrated way Mark stresses the importance of identifying farm problems correctly and then decide whether a PA tool or technology can help.

The production of case studies is envisaged to lead to new knowledge, provide on-going producer support and highlights the importance of PA tools as part of their business whilst creating a network for farmers to work together and share knowledge. Exactly how Brendon Johns, of Warnertown SA, another candidate feel about PA. He says “read and listen widely and surround yourself with good people to further your knowledge, exactly what this project and booklet offers”.

SPAA President Frank D’Emden said “this project was all about  encouraging the increased grower adoption of  sustainable farm practices using precision agriculture technologies across Australian grains industries”. “Our ten farmers are all successfully using and continually learning about precision agriculture and we are thrilled to have them share their farming practices, their journey. It’s a great example of how PA has evolved for many of these producers and being about to share their successes and learn from their challenges”.

“We hope this booklet and case studies bring confidence to grain producers and everyone enjoys revisiting these farmers who have helped shaped SPAA. It’s undoubtedly a valuable resource to your farm library and demonstrates that SPAA is an important conduit for the grains industry to learn about farm technology and innovations and to get other producers thinking about the possibilities available to them” said Nicole.

All SPAA members will receive a hard copy in the coming month.

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