Factsheet on UAVs

The agricultural sector sees SPAA as a trusted source of PA information, and the production of factsheets led to new knowledge, on-going support and highlights the importance of these tools as part of their business and continues to create a network for farmers and the private sector to work together and share knowledge.With thanks to SAGIT, the project produced a total of six factsheets and one poster across a range of topics, of innovations where farmers felt the information was too over-whelming or possibly not easy to attain. The factsheets were a snapshot of tools currently on the market of which adoption is in part low or interest is high.

The key features of the factsheets were the tried and tested experiences, where SPAA profiled successful adopters of the “said” innovations. These case studies included some tips and advise, how they overcame challenges and common issues.

Our final factsheet on UAVs in agriculture in now available. Download your copy here

New faces join the SPAA committee

We are thrilled to announce some new faces joining the SPAA committee who were elected at our recent AGM that was held in Crystal Brook in March.

Ben Pratt is a farmer from Blyth graduated last year with a first class honours degree at the Uni of Adelaide with a focus on PA mapping. He was keen to join SPAA in order to help others realise the power of data when used correctly and that it doesn’t have to be complicated or technical.

Jon Dyer was a 2015 Nuffield Scholar and grain producer from Kaniva in Victoria’s West Wimmera.

He too joined the SPAA committee because during his Nuffield studies he realised that precision technology and data driven decision making was arriving in agriculture and is here to stay. SPAA is a way for him to connect with and learn from other farmers that are implementing these technologies. Hopefully he will likewise be able to contribute my own experiences and things I’ve learnt.

Chad Glover was re-elected to serve the position of Treasurer.

Congratulations on these appointments and look forward to the next two years with you on our committee helping to drive PA adoption.

Funding success for SPAA

Have you ever wondered what the pioneering PA producers are now doing?

With thanks to new project funding from SAGIT we will revisit a number of grain producers (aka early adopters) and collect information about their continued journey and adoption and use of PA technology and to glean useful insights from this information that can be suitable to those who now are ready for forge ahead.  Specifically 10 SA farmers will be interviewed where we will seek:

1) To perform exploratory and explanatory case study interviews on 10 progressive/ early adopters of PA components across South Australia to explore, explain, and understand why these farmers adopted.

2) To understand which technology tools or components have been the most beneficial and valuable (costs vs. benefits) to adopting farmers.

3) To examine how management practices have changed as a result of adopting and using PA components.

4) To determine current satisfaction or dissatisfaction with individual PA components.

5) To determine if pioneering PA users plan to continue to adopt additional PA components in the future.

Each year we will produce five case studies that will be made available free and online.