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The objective of this project is to educate farmers of the environmental benefits in the application of precision agricultural (PA) technologies on farm.  It will engage with a number of agricultural industries within the catchment area.

Although the technique of the project is not innovative, the content of the workshop program is. The project will specifically;

- Increase adoption of best practices via implementation of precision agriculture methodologies and concepts,

- Provide advice on identification of soil constraints and or in-season challenges to target appropriate inputs and amelioration techniques and avoid further degradation and declining productivity,

- Provide advice to manage and protect land using better targeted, strategic applications of farm inputs,

- Offer an avenue for shared experiences and develop leadership

- Increase landholder knowledge and accountability in land management.

This ultimately will build capacity in not only the production aspect of farming with precision agriculture techniques, but also encourage an increased awareness and accountability of environmental and social responsibilities in farming.

On ground activities:

We are hosting a number of workshops (3 in total) across the SAMDB NRM agricultural growing regions in February.  In addition, feature articles will be produced and published across the farming systems group network involved in the activities and throughout SPAA traditional communication mediums.

The project will involve targetted and specificworkshops the following industries and industry groups;

Click on each sector to download event flyers.

The workshops will take place of greatest interest and application of Precision Agriculture (PA) opportunities for landholders in these regions. They most likely will take place in the Mallee Coorong and Riverland regions within the catchment.


The workshops will be pitched at grass-roots level, and provide as many examples and demonstrations as possible as applied to the various agricultural industries to address a local sustainability issue for each industry sector. Eg. Control traffic farming for the grains industry (soil management, stubble management); pasture management for the livestock industries and irrigation and variability issues for the horticulture/ vine industry. These themes may change closer to the timing of event, as influences from the climate plays an important factor to the local issues and how best to manage with PA. They will showcase new technologies available for the industries and describe the capabilities of such. Technologies include but are not limited to UAVs, autonomous systems, sensors.

Project Start date

1 April 2015

Project End date

30 April 2016

Project funder

Natural resources SA MDB



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