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SPAA resources funding from a range of government and private organisations to undertake precision agriculture research, development and extension projects.

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SPAA projects provide an independent and objective source of information for technology development and application on Australian farms.

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  • Application of Controlled Traffic Farming in the Low Rainfall Zone [-] Adoption of Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF) in the low rainfall zone (LRZ) of the Southern Region is very low (eg SA/Vic Mallee, 4%) compared to other zones in the Region (eg Vic HR, 26%) (GRDC 2012 Farm Practices Survey). This is believed to reflect scepticism about its benefits in many LRZ...
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  • The H sensor: a weed ID and mapping system [-] This project aims to provide growers with the tools needed to adopt site specific weed management (SSWM) strategies as a result of a commercially viable weed ID and mapping system being demonstrated. The adoption of SSWM strategies will result in more efficient use of herbicides, resulting in...
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  • Communicating innovations in Precision Agriculture: Factsheet series [-]   It's Survey time and we want your help to set the topics of our PA factsheets     This survey is a key component of our SAGIT project to provide PA support for farmers and advisers. Your responses to this survey will be very important for developing a factsheet series, and...
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  • Management strategies for improved productivity and reduced nitrous oxide emissions [-] Project Objective Improve the management and nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) of key crop plants in cropping systems in three different environments, medium and high rainfall and under irrigation in order to reduce nitrous oxide emissions to the atmosphere.  The SA, VIC/NSW based project will...
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