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Celebrating 15 years 

SPAA is a non-profit and independent membership based group formed in 2002 to promote the development and adoption of precision agriculture (PA) technologies. The association aims to be the leading advocate for PA in Australia and through this role improve the profitability and sustainability of agricultural production systems via the adoption of PA.

PA management offers many Australian farms the potential for a quantum increase in production efficiency.  Our mission is to facilitate research, extension and the adoption of precision agriculture.

Current SPAA members include those involved in the production of grains, winegrapes and horticultural crops, including growers, consultants, equipment manufacturers, contractors and researchers. SPAAs wide membership base is a reflection of the potential that is offered by PA.

SPAA has an Australia-wide focus and this is achieved by partnering with other organisations and becoming part of national and industry alliances.

For more information or to participate, contact SPAA on 0437 422 000

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SPAA’s exciting initiative to recognise the contributions of our PA legends with an award of life membership to our fantastic and progressive organisation.

Is there somebody you would like to see recognised?

Nominate a fellow PA advocate NOW

What to look for in your candidate

-an ongoing commitment to SPAA over many years

-a commitment which does not seek personal reward

-contributions to SPAA which have enhanced our standing within its membership and the wider community

 Download our application for all the criteria.

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